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Æther Burst (Aether Burst) Agonizing Memories Ajani, Sleeper Agent Akroma's Blessing Angelic Shield Balance of Power Benthic Djinn Blood Speaker Bloodcurdler Bola Warrior Breezekeeper Celestial Kirin Char Clay Statue Cloud Elemental Cloudgoat Ranger Cognivore Confiscate Consume Strength Cranial Plating Dark Triumph Dauthi Jackal Decree of Justice Decree of Silence Dimir Guildmage Disenchant Disrupt Dross Golem Equipoise Essence Leak Eternal Dragon Famished Ghoul Fear Filthy Cur Gloomdrifter Gravespawn Sovereign Halam Djinn Heart Warden Helm of Awakening Hollow Warrior Horde of Notions Igneous Golem Infinite Hourglass Ivory Guardians Jangling Automaton Jiwari, the Earth Aflame Kagemaro, First to Suffer Kumano, Master Yamabushi Lead Astray Leyline of the Void Magistrate's Scepter Magnetic Web Mass Hysteria Master Healer Masumaro, First to Live Mind Extraction Mind Peel Mind Rot Mind Slash Mind Stone Misshapen Fiend Murderous Spoils Nemesis Mask Nim Devourer Nim Lasher Nim Shambler Nim Shrieker Nissa, Resurgent Animist Numai Outcast Nut Collector Ogre Marauder Oona, Queen of the Fae Organ Grinder Orzhov Pontiff Pacifism Pay No Heed Peek Persuasion Planar Birth Pouncing Kavu Primal Clay Prohibit Rain of Salt Reflecting Pool Regeneration Remove Soul Rescind Rishadan Footpad Rith's Attendant Rootrunner Scald Seedborn Muse Shadow Rift Shadowstorm Shield Wall Skulltap Skyrider Trainee Soltari Champion Soltari Emissary Soltari Visionary
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