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"Rumors of My Death . . ." Adamant Will Angler Turtle Augur of Bolas Better Than One Bombard Boreal Outrider Coral Commando Curious Killbot Delighted Killbot Despondent Killbot Enraged Killbot Hangman Hoisted Hireling Ignite the Future Jace's Sentinel Jade Bearer Keeper of Fables Knight of the Ebon Legion Lathliss, Dragon Queen Legion Warboss Light of the Legion Lotleth Giant Might of the Masses Modular Monstrosity Orcish Vandal Pitiless Gorgon Practiced Tactics River Heralds' Boon Scute Swarm Selective Snare Side Quest Slimefoot, the Stowaway Thrilling Encore Treasure Nabber Ursine Champion Vine Mare Without Weakness

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