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Agent of Masks Angelic Wall Basilica Shepherd Caldera Lake Captain of the Mists Cranial Ram Cruel Grimnarch Crystalline Sliver Dark Favor Disenchant Divine Favor Etched Slith Flowstone Blade Flowstone Infusion Gladecover Scout Grafted Exoskeleton Gumdrop Poisoner Heartflame Duelist Heartflame Duelist (Heartflame Slash) Hooded Horror Horned Sliver Illusory Angel Indomitable Archangel Karmic Guide Virtue of Persistence (Locthwain Scorn) Maritime Guard Metallic Sliver Murder Nether Horror Opportunity Phyrexian Espionage Quirion Ranger Relic Putrescence Returned Reveler Revoke Existence Searing Barrage Sunspear Shikari Gumdrop Poisoner (Tempt with Treats) Tormented Thoughts Tormenting Voice Vela the Night-Clad Virtue of Persistence
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