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Acererak the Archlich Ancient Silver Dragon Baffling Defenses Basalt Ravager Blossom-Clad Werewolf Boareskyr Tollkeeper Captain N'ghathrod Clay Golem Cleric of Life's Bond Combat Professor Crushing Disappointment Cyclone Summoner Defend the Celestus Dragonborn Champion Dwarven Reinforcements Fang Dragon Feed the Swarm Fang Dragon (Forktail Sweep) Fortifying Draught Frenzied Devils Garna, Bloodfist of Keld Hellkite Punisher Icehide Troll In Thrall to the Pit Infuse with Vitality Intrepid Outlander Joraga Visionary Kamber, the Plunderer Lambholt Raconteur Lambholt Ravager Laurine, the Diversion Momentum Rumbler Plumb the Forbidden Rampant Rejuvenator Red Dragon Rooting Moloch Runeforge Champion Sanguine Indulgence Scorch Rider Soulfire Eruption Spirit Summoning Stitched Assistant Terror of the Peaks Urborg Lhurgoyf Weaver of Blossoms

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