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Academy Manufactor Arcbound Mouser Arcbound Shikari Arcbound Slasher Arcbound Tracker Barbarian Class Binding Geist Bronzeplate Boar Brushfire Elemental Burn Down the House Change of Plans Cinderclasm Containment Breach Coral Colony Curse of Shaken Faith Demon Bolt Detention Vortex Devouring Tendrils Disdainful Stroke Displacer Kitten Doomed Dissenter Dragon's Fire Eccentric Apprentice Enormous Energy Blade Essence Capture Flip the Switch Foul Play Fraying Line Green Dragon Ichthyomorphosis Immolating Gyre Inkrise Infiltrator Into the Roil Invoke the Divine Junk Winder Living Tempest Marut Midnight Arsonist Multiple Choice Nahiri's Lithoforming Nimana Skitter-Sneak Nissa's Zendikon Nullmage Shepherd Obscuring Haze Paladin Class Pseudodragon Familiar Radiant Grace Radiant Restraints Radiant Scrollwielder Rambunctious Mutt Ray of Enfeeblement Reconstruct History Reduce to Memory Roil Eruption Roiling Vortex Rousing Read Spectral Binding Storm of Forms Storvald, Frost Giant Jarl Sunbathing Rootwalla The Reality Chip Thrilling Discovery Thundering Rebuke Twinblade Assassins Unholy Officiant Valakut Awakening Valakut Stoneforge Writhing Necromass

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