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Baleful Mastery Blot Out Consider Curse of Conformity Daemogoth Titan Dragonskull Summit Eliminate Gloom Sower Haunting Figment Hidetsugu Consumes All Icebreaker Kraken Jarl of the Forsaken Lantern of the Lost Nazg├╗l No One Left Behind Otherworldly Gaze Phyrexian Warhorse Revenant Revenge of the Drowned Shattered Ego Soldier of the Grey Host Solphim, Mayhem Dominus Subjugate the Hobbits Teleportation Circle Tempered in Solitude The Black Breath The Watcher in the Water Tomb Tyrant Vampires' Vengeance Vessel of the All-Consuming Vile Entomber Wake to Slaughter Watchful Blisterzoa
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