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Abzan Kin-Guard Ahn-Crop Champion Ainok Survivalist Azorius Locket Bellowing Aegisaur Bladewing's Thrall Bolrac-Clan Crusher Bomat Courier Bonded Construct Catacomb Sifter Chandra's Incinerator Clear Shot Defiant Bloodlord Defiant Ogre Dukhara Peafowl Duskwatch Recruiter Dwarven Lightsmith Eager Construct Eldrazi Mimic Electrify Emmessi Tome Encampment Keeper Extricator of Flesh Extricator of Sin Gallant Cavalry Ghostly Pilferer Grave Birthing Heartfire Hedron Alignment Hedron Archive Invigorated Rampage Jeskai Elder Jeskai Sage Kindled Fury Krallenhorde Howler Lazotep Reaver Lightning Strike Limits of Solidarity Might Beyond Reason Military Intelligence Mirage Mirror One of the Pack Opt Overcome Peema Outrider Polymorphist's Jest Putrid Leech Ramroller Risen Executioner Root Snare Saheeli's Directive Sarkhan's Whelp Scalding Cauldron Seeker of the Way Sling-Gang Lieutenant Solitary Hunter Striped Riverwinder Take Up Arms Tenth District Guard Tezzeret's Simulacrum Thresher Lizard Tower Defense Transmogrify Turntimber Sower Utility Knife Vampire Champion Victimize Volley Veteran