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Academic Probation Alchemist's Gift Angelheart Protector Archive Haunt Battalion Foot Soldier Blade Historian Blood Beckoning Blood Burglar Blood Researcher Call the Coppercoats Drogskol Armaments Drogskol Captain Drogskol Infantry Eager First-Year Farsight Adept Frost Augur Garruk, Unleashed Grizzled Outrider Howlpack Piper Ingenious Mastery Innocent Traveler Light of Promise Lightning-Core Excavator Llanowar Visionary Malicious Invader Nocturnal Feeder Odric's Outrider Overwhelmed Archivist Ray of Distortion Raze the Effigy Relic Axe Rift Sower Run Afoul Sage of the Beyond Scale the Heights Scion of Stygia Seafloor Stalker Smell Fear Soothsayer Adept Soul-Guide Gryff Spectral Sailor Springmantle Cleric Squad Captain Steel-Plume Marshal Stone Haven Pilgrim Study Break Sudden Salvation Tajuru Paragon Taunting Arbormage Tomebound Lich Tournament Grounds Tovolar's Huntmaster Tovolar's Packleader Vantress Gargoyle Verdant Mastery Wildsong Howler Worldly Tutor

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