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Annex Sentry Anoint with Affliction Arcane Signet Atalan Jackal Azorius Guildmage Banish to Another Universe Bind to Secrecy Bred for the Hunt Compass Gnome Conclave Equenaut Disembowel Elder Owyn Lyons Elsewhere Flask Everflowing Chalice Geode Golem Grand Abolisher Grell Philosopher Grim Servant Gurgling Anointer Herald of Anguish Hierophant Bio-Titan Illithid Harvester Infested Thrinax Inventive Wingsmith Mind Stone Murder Perilous Vault Illithid Harvester (Plant Tadpoles) Quietus Spike Reject Imperfection Reverberate River Herald Guide Sentinel Sarah Lyons Sigil of Myrkul Spyglass Siren Steamcore Scholar Sterling Keykeeper Stop Cold Super Mutant Scavenger Talisman of Impulse Territory Forge Transmutation Font Triumph of Saint Katherine Twilight Prophet Ugin's Mastery Underdark Explorer Unwinding Clock Utter End Worldwalker Helm Wurmcoil Larva
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