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Arachnoform Basking Capybara Bayou Groff Canopy Stalker Conclave Sledge-Captain Courier Bat Dutiful Griffin Fearsome Whelp Flourishing Fox Flourishing Hunter Frost Lynx Garruk's Warsteed Giant's Grasp Glademuse Greater Tanuki Green Dragon In Search of Greatness Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary Kelpie Guide Loyal Gryff Mahadi, Emporium Master Makindi Ox Mammoth Growth Mothrider Patrol Nezumi Bladeblesser Owlbear Patriarch's Bidding Primal Adversary Prowling Felidar Regal Bunnicorn Regal Leosaur Relic Sloth Ruxa, Patient Professor Sarulf's Packmate Savai Sabertooth Scouting Hawk Snarling Wolf Spara's Bodyguard Spirited Companion Springmane Cervin Squirrel Sovereign Symbiotic Beast Tasha's Hideous Laughter Teferi's Tutelage Territorial Witchstalker Vampire's Kiss Wilson, Refined Grizzly Wings of the Cosmos Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful
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