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Adun Oakenshield Aliban's Tower Armor Thrull Aspect of Wolf Battering Ram Bazaar of Baghdad Black Knight Bog Wraith Bounty of the Hunt Citanul Druid Consecrate Land Deep Water Divine Offering Dwarven Catapult Dwarven Lieutenant Fire and Brimstone Firestorm Phoenix Ghost Hounds Giant Turtle Goblin Sappers Goblin War Drums Grizzly Bears Hail Storm Haunting Wind Ice Floe Iceberg Juniper Order Druid Kjeldoran Outpost Martyr's Cry Master of the Hunt Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Moat Mons's Goblin Raiders Pestilence Rats Raise Dead Rock Hydra Scavenging Ghoul Sea Serpent Sedge Troll Snow Fortress Soldevi Machinist Stampede Stone Spirit Swords to Plowshares Thalakos Lowlands Thawing Glaciers Timberline Ridge Tracker Urza's Chalice Vodalian Soldiers War Mammoth Water Elemental Willow Satyr Wolverine Pack Zombie Master

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