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Absolute Grace Acidic Sliver Adder-Staff Boggart Ageless Entity Auratog Auratouched Mage B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles) Binding Grasp Blurry Beeble Bouncing Beebles Bubbling Beebles Buoyancy Chainbreaker Changeling Hero Crystal Spray Cut the Earthly Bond Dakmor Plague Deep Wood Dogpile Donate Egon, God of Death Elven Rite Equilibrium Fade Away Familiar Ground Fatigue Fevered Convulsions Fire Whip Firespout Firestorm Floodgate Flowering Field Flowstone Wall Fog of Gnats Fountain Watch Frantic Search Fresh Volunteers Furnace Brood Furnace Spirit Hidetsugu's Second Rite Hollow Dogs Honorable Passage Horn of Greed Ivory Giant Jagged Poppet Kardur, Doomscourge Knight of Valor Krark's Other Thumb Manabarbs Manamorphose Marble Diamond Might Sliver Mindlash Sliver Mindwhip Sliver Misers' Cage Mongrel Pack Mountain Nameless Inversion Naturalize Nausea Necra Disciple Nightcreep Off Balance Ogre Warrior Opal Archangel Orcish Artillery Overrun Pendrell Drake Pious Warrior Power Sink Precognition Primal Forcemage Propaganda Raging Goblin Righteous Aura Rise of the Hobgoblins Rocky Tar Pit Saprazzan Raider Sauté Scavenger Folk Seed Spark Segmented Wurm Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper Sell-Sword Brute Shaman en-Kor Shock Troops Sivvi's Valor Skyshroud Archer Skyshroud Elf Soul Rend Squeaking Pie Sneak Steamflogger Temp Sterling Grove Stoneshaker Shaman Sulfurous Blast Sulfurous Springs Sunder from Within Suq'Ata Lancer Symbiosis Thermal Flux