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Abaddon the Despoiler Access Denied Air Marshal Ancient Brass Dragon Ancient Bronze Dragon Ancient Copper Dragon Aven Eternal Blood Age General Caged Sun Chandra's Embercat Colossification Creeping Trailblazer Draconic Intervention Earthquake Dragon Eiganjo Uprising Empty the Warrens Enforcer Griffin Ephara, Ever-Sheltering Eternal Isolation Eternal Skylord Expedition Lookout Fabricate Flamekin Herald Frostveil Ambush Glasspool Mimic Glasspool Shore Hollowhead Sliver Invasion of Theros Kaya's Ghostform Kessig Naturalist Lavaglide Pathway Leadership Vacuum Lord of the Ulvenwald Mayhem Patrol Noise Marine Promising Duskmage Rapacious Dragon Recruitment Officer Risen Reef Riverglide Pathway Scorch Spitter Serum-Core Chimera Spectral Arcanist Sphinx of Enlightenment Swamp Teach by Example Thieving Amalgam Timber Paladin Tocasia's Welcome
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