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Adipose Offspring Animist's Might Armored Kincaller Chomping Kavu Conclave Evangelist Flayer of Loyalties Inspiring Refrain Landroval, Horizon Witness Last March of the Ents Leori, Sparktouched Hunter Marauding Brinefang Marvo, Deep Operative Mirkwood Bats Nurturing Bristleback Orchard Strider Pippin's Bravery Rampaging Spiketail Scytheclaw Raptor Seismic Monstrosaur Sinuous Benthisaur Snarling Gorehound Soaring Sandwing Strax, Sontaran Nurse The Balrog, Flame of Ud√Ľn Thijarian Witness Time Beetle Voracious Fell Beast Woodfall Primus Zeriam, Golden Wind
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