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Abandon Reason Ancient Stone Idol Archfiend of Despair Arterial Flow Azra Oddsmaker Band Together Champion of Dusk Chemister's Insight Dark Nourishment Deadeye Quartermaster Decommission Dread Wanderer Grind // Dust (Dust) Enduring Sliver Essence Scatter Farmstead Gleaner Forerunner of the Legion Goblin Trailblazer Grind // Dust (Grind) Haazda Marshal Hostile Desert Impale Lich's Caress Maulfist Doorbuster Murderous Rider Omniscience Prosperous Pirates Slaughter Pact Stitcher's Graft Murderous Rider (Swift End) Syndicate Guildmage Tezzeret, Artifice Master Two-Headed Zombie Wave of Reckoning Wood Elves