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Angel of Unity Armguard Familiar Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer Cleaving Skyrider Dawnhart Wardens Daybreak Combatants Edgar's Awakening Flame Discharge Fleetfoot Dancer Furious Bellow Genasi Enforcers Genasi Rabble-Rouser Hajar, Loyal Bodyguard Hammerhand Hexbane Tortoise Kenessos, Priest of Thassa Markov Waltzer Moonveil Regent Naomi, Pillar of Order Night Clubber Perrie, the Pulverizer Planar Incision Raze to the Ground Resistance Squad Rivaz of the Claw Sawblade Slinger Serra Redeemer Thopter Mechanic Timely Interference Urza, Prince of Kroog Warlord's Elite Wrecking Crew

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