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All of History, All at Once Baloth Packhunter Bronze Cudgels Crippling Fear Dihada, Binder of Wills Dual Strike Edgar Markov's Coffin Edgar, Charmed Groom Eerie Interference Glacial Fortress Graaz, Unstoppable Juggernaut Great Desert Prospector Grizzled Huntmaster Hold for Ransom Howling Galefang Imodane's Recruiter Inventive Iteration Komainu Battle Armor Living Breakthrough Mirror Box Mite Overseer Norn's Decree Nyxborn Behemoth Ohabi Caleria Olivia's Wrath Rabble Rousing Riveteers Provocateur Sigarda's Summons Temporal Firestorm The Caves of Androzani Thrakkus the Butcher Imodane's Recruiter (Train Troops) Undead Butler Unite the Coalition Valiant Veteran Village Reavers Village Watch Voice of the Woods Werefox Bodyguard Worldgorger Dragon
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