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Ageless Guardian Amphin Mutineer Ancient Lumberknot Batterbone Battle Mammoth Big Play Blitz Leech Boot Nipper Break the Ice Capricopian Carrion Grub Craven Hulk Death Tyrant Eaten Alive Elder Gargaroth Ethereal Forager Extract Brain Faceless Agent Feasting Troll King Feed the Serpent Fertilid Fierce Witchstalker Fungal Rebirth Garenbrig Paladin Gnottvold Recluse Gouged Zealot Grief Herd Baloth Hobblefiend Illuna, Apex of Wishes Immersturm Predator Introduction to Annihilation Iron Golem Kalamax, the Stormsire Kamahl's Will Lightning Skelemental Loxodon Lifechanter Moldering Karok Necrogoyf Nested Shambler Oakhame Adversary Organ Hoarder Plague Engineer Plague Reaver Plaguecrafter's Familiar Plummet Pyre Spawn Rank Officer Rise of the Ants Rootless Yew Sage of the Falls Shambling Suit Skull Skaab Slogurk, the Overslime Spore Crawler Steelbane Hydra Sudden Spinnerets Surtland Elementalist Swarm Shambler Tuktuk Rubblefort Turntimber Ascetic Unhallowed Phalanx Vilespawn Spider Webweaver Changeling Winged Portent Zombie Ogre

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