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Aerial Maneuver Asphodel Wanderer Bioshift Blazing Torch Bold Defense Caged Sun Cancel Choking Fumes Chronic Flooding Cobra Trap Contested War Zone Crushing Vines Crypt Creeper Dark Prophecy Demonic Tutor Desolate Lighthouse Divination Dying Wish Emancipation Angel Evil Presence Farbog Explorer Frantic Salvage Geistflame Ghostform Gnaw to the Bone Hedron-Field Purists Incite Kor Spiritdancer Marsh Casualties Merfolk of the Depths Metropolis Sprite Mishra's Factory Mizzium Skin Mordant Dragon Mystic Retrieval Natural End Naturalize Paralyzing Grasp Phyrexian Rebirth Predatory Urge Preordain Repel the Darkness Righteous Authority Seacoast Drake Skarrg Goliath Stab Wound Strata Scythe Survival Cache Traitorous Instinct Trespassing Souleater Trinket Mage Tunnel Ignus Twitch Veteran's Reflexes
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