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Aerial Guide Aether Inspector Ajani's Influence Ajani's Pridemate Applied Biomancy Archfiend of the Dross Aven Wind Guide Azure Fleet Admiral Belligerent Yearling Blindblast Bloodsoaked Altar Boarding Party Bonehoard Dracosaur Camaraderie Consign // Oblivion (Consign) Crimson Fleet Commodore Daring Archaeologist Dauthi Voidwalker Dawnfeather Eagle Deface Demon of Catastrophes Demonic Embrace Disrupt Decorum Drill Bit Dukhara Scavenger Eagle of Deliverance Earthshaker Dreadmaw Embraal Bruiser Engulfing Eruption Fairgrounds Patrol Faramir, Field Commander Fathom Fleet Boarder Fen Hauler Fierce Retribution Final Reward Fires of Victory Full Flowering Gandalf, Westward Voyager Garrison Cat Ghalta, Stampede Tyrant Gimli of the Glittering Caves Gishath, Sun's Avatar Glimmer Lens Gods' Hall Guardian Graceful Takedown Guild Summit Hordewing Skaab Hulking Raptor Hullbreacher Ice Over Itzquinth, Firstborn of Gishath Kitesail Larcenist Kitesail Skirmisher Knight of Grace Knight of Malice Legion Conquistador Life of Toshiro Umezawa Long Road Home Mana Cannons Mass Mutiny Memory of Toshiro Midnight Reaper Mighty Leap Mob Consign // Oblivion (Oblivion) Palani's Hatcher Pantlaza, Sun-Favored Pestilent Haze Plains Plummet Pouncing Lynx Pugnacious Hammerskull Quicksilver Fisher Rampage of the Clans Rampaging Ceratops Reaver Ambush Reverent Hoplite Roots of Wisdom Satyr Enchanter Scrapwork Mutt Scytheclaw Raptor Share the Spoils Skrelv, Defector Mite Sleeper Dart Soaring Show-Off Stadium Vendors Stalwart Pathlighter Storm Sculptor Szat's Will Thrashing Brontodon Thriving Ibex Topple the Statue Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Trumpeting Carnosaur Unctus, Grand Metatect Vastwood Fortification Vastwood Thicket Vraska's Conquistador Wild Wanderer Wingspan Mentor
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