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Abzan Guide Aclazotz, Deepest Betrayal Affectionate Indrik Aim High Akki Battle Squad Akroan Phalanx Ambassador Oak Ancient Crab Apprentice Sharpshooter Arcane Flight Arrow Storm Augury Adept Baloth Pup Bamboo Grove Archer Battle Rampart Battlefront Krushok Battletide Alchemist Battlewand Oak Beast Behemoth Sledge Belligerent Hatchling Berserk Bloodcrazed Goblin Bloodrage Vampire Blue Dragon Body Double Boggart Harbinger Boomflinger Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile Buzz Buggy Canyon Minotaur Chainer, Nightmare Adept Chancellor of the Tangle Chorus of the Tides Contradict Crowned Ceratok Cylian Elf Daybreak Ranger Death Frenzy Deep-Slumber Titan Deity of Scars Descent of the Dragons Dig Through Time Divine Deflection Dragonlord's Servant Drakestown Forgotten Dreamshaper Shaman Elite Scaleguard Ellywick Tumblestrum Elvish Handservant Elvish Vanguard Ember Gale Ember Hauler Ember Weaver Enchanter's Bane Enlisted Wurm Fauna Shaman Feed the Pack Felidar Cub Feral Hydra Flamekin Harbinger Fleetfeather Sandals Forest Frondland Felidar Garbage Fire Garruk's Horde Ghoulraiser Giant Harbinger Gideon's Lawkeeper Gift Horse Gift of the Deity Gilt-Leaf Ambush Gilt-Leaf Archdruid Give // Take (Give) Gluttonous Cyclops Goblin Battle Jester Goblin Goon Goblin Slingshot Goldmeadow Harrier Goldmeadow Lookout Grasping Scoundrel Greta, Sweettooth Scourge Griffin Rider Gryffwing Cavalry Guttersnipe Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea Gyome, Master Chef Hagi Mob Hallowed Spiritkeeper Hanweir Lancer Hard Hat Area Head Banger Heartlash Cinder Hellhole Flailer Horde of Boggarts Hurly-Burly Hydra Broodmaster Hydrosurge Imperial Recovery Unit In the Presence of Ages
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