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Aerial Engineer Akroan Mastiff Anchor to the Æther (Anchor to the Aether) Ankle Shanker Appetite for the Unnatural Archaeomancer Azorius Charm Bad Deal Bake into a Pie Barrage of Boulders Berserkers' Onslaught Blade Instructor Borderland Ranger Boros Battleshaper Boros Charm Burn at the Stake Byway Courier Carnival // Carnage (Carnage) Carnival // Carnage (Carnival) Conspicuous Snoop Coordinated Charge Council of the Absolute Cunning Survivor Curious Herd Daggersail Aeronaut Deadbridge Chant Decimate Demonic Vigor Departed Deckhand Deranged Whelp Desperate Castaways Destructive Digger Devoted Crop-Mate Devout Decree Dimir Charm Dire Fleet Daredevil Double Cleave Enchanted Carriage Equestrian Skill Fire Shrine Keeper Firesong and Sunspeaker Flame Spill Flawless Maneuver Frilled Deathspitter Gideon's Battle Cry Goblin Assault Team Goblin Racketeer Golgari Charm Gravepurge Great Teacher's Decree Grisly Spectacle Gruul Charm Gruul Spellbreaker Heroes of the Revel Hissing Iguanar Hold the Gates Hordeling Outburst Illusionist's Gambit Impending Doom Improbable Alliance Infantry Veteran Infectious Bloodlust Izzet Charm Just Desserts Kindslaver Krallenhorde Killer Krond the Dawn-Clad Lavabrink Venturer Longtusk Cub Makeshift Battalion Mardu Scout Martyr for the Cause Massive Raid Molten Echoes Mwonvuli Beast Tracker Navigator's Ruin Nearheath Chaplain Nessian Boar Netcaster Spider Nyxborn Brute Ogre Siegebreaker Ooze Flux Orzhov Charm Pelt Collector Pir, Imaginative Rascal Predator's Gambit Raise the Alarm Rakdos Charm Ram Through Ready // Willing (Ready) Remand Rhox Maulers Roast Rookie Mistake Rubblebelt Recluse Savage Smash Scab-Clan Giant Scampering Scorcher Sea God's Scorn Secure the Scene