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Arming Gala Battle Angels of Tyr Blood Petal Celebrant Champions of Tyr Cut a Deal Dance with Calamity Demon of Fate's Design Elvish Hydromancer Fabricate Feral Encounter Geology Enthusiast Ghouls' Night Out Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy Gruff Triplets Invasion of Xerex Jo Grant Kellan's Lightblades Mishra's Domination Neyam Shai Murad Novice Inspector Pearl-Ear, Imperial Advisor Prosperous Thief Raffine's Silencer Sarah Jane Smith Slick Sequence Sporocyst Staggering Size Stella Lee, Wild Card Twining Twins (Swift Spiral) The Foretold Soldier Towashi Songshaper Twining Twins Two-Headed Hellkite Vanguard Suppressor Vertex Paladin
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