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Biting Rain Builder's Blessing Burden of Guilt Censor Chaplain's Blessing Chariot of Victory Choking Restraints Chronicler of Heroes Consecrated by Blood Containment Priest Conviction Depths of Desire Desperate Ravings Drown in the Loch Feeling of Dread Firebrand Archer Graceful Cat Gruesome Discovery Hierophant's Chalice Incited Rabble Ironwright's Cleansing Kessig Malcontents Lingering Souls Lucky Clover Magister of Worth Magus of the Mind Nightshade Peddler Obsessive Skinner Ophiomancer Paragon of New Dawns Pirate's Cutlass Possessed Skaab Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage Rallying Roar Renegade Firebrand Rooftop Storm Rouse the Mob Satyr Rambler Sedge Scorpion Sigiled Sword of Valeron Somberwald Vigilante Spiteful Shadows Stranglehold Strength of Arms Tenacious Dead Thraben Doomsayer Town Gossipmonger Trusty Packbeast Unsettled Mariner Viscera Seer Wall of Vines Weaver of Lightning