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Affa Guard Hound Ancestral Recall Angel of Destiny Archon of Emeria Arena Rector Arlinn, Voice of the Pack Army of the Damned Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Atemsis, All-Seeing Ayara, First of Locthwain Azor, the Lawbringer Bar the Door Barrin, Tolarian Archmage Benalish Honor Guard Brass Squire Claustrophobia Convincing Mirage Corrupted Crossroads Creeping Corrosion Crusher Zendikon Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders Deadeye Harpooner Demon-Possessed Witch Diregraf Escort Downsize Dramatic Rescue Dwindle Elite Spellbinder Escaped Null Eureka Faerie Invaders Fathom Mage Forest General Kudro of Drannith Gift of Paradise Glimmerpoint Stag Glint-Sleeve Artisan Grazing Gladehart Guardian of the Ages Haktos the Unscarred Hans Eriksson Harald Unites the Elves Heartless Act Hero's Downfall Hunted Ghoul Imbraham, Dean of Theory Inventor's Apprentice Ironclad Slayer Jwar Isle Avenger Kaheera, the Orphanguard Kasmina, Enigma Sage Khalni Garden Kianne, Dean of Substance Killian, Ink Duelist Kindly Stranger Kindred Summons Knight of Autumn Kor Cartographer Kor Scythemaster Korozda Guildmage Lambholt Butcher Lambholt Pacifist Leovold's Operative Leyline of Sanctity Linden, the Steadfast Queen Loyal Cathar Martyr's Bond Master of the Pearl Trident Mind Control Mistcutter Hydra Mordenkainen Mox Tantalite Myr Propagator Negate Nemesis Trap Nikya of the Old Ways Outland Colossus Pharagax Giant Plague Stinger Plains Prey Upon Psychic Spiral Ranger of Eos Ranger-Captain of Eos Reinforced Bulwark Resplendent Marshal Ripjaw Raptor River Hoopoe Saffi Eriksdotter Saheeli, the Gifted Sailor of Means Sefris of the Hidden Ways Sejiri Refuge Shared Discovery Smallpox Sparring Mummy Spire Barrage Wear // Tear (Tear) Thatcher Revolt Thunderbreak Regent

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