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Abandon Reason Alchemist's Greeting Alms of the Vein Anje Falkenrath Anje's Ravager Archfiend of Spite Arrogant Wurm Asylum Visitor Avacyn's Judgment Basking Rootwalla Big Game Hunter Biting Rain Blast from the Past Blazing Rootwalla Bloodhall Priest Bloodmad Vampire Brain Gorgers Brink of Madness Broken Concentration Call to the Netherworld Chilling Grasp Circular Logic Curse of Fool's Wisdom Dark Withering Descent into Madness Distemper of the Blood Falkenrath Gorger Fiery Temper Frantic Purification From Under the Floorboards Gibbering Descent Gisa's Bidding Gorgon Recluse Grave Scrabbler Hell Mongrel Ichor Slick Incorrigible Youths Insatiable Gorgers Just the Wind Kitchen Imp Malevolent Whispers Muck Drubb Murderous Compulsion Nagging Thoughts Necrogoyf Nightshade Assassin Obsessive Search Psychotic Episode Psychotic Haze Reckless Wurm Revolutionist Senseless Rage Shadowgrange Archfiend Skophos Reaver Stensia Masquerade Strength of Isolation Strength of Lunacy Stromkirk Occultist Terminal Agony Twins of Maurer Estate Violent Eruption Voldaren Pariah Weirded Vampire Welcome to the Fold

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