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Arctic Wolves Arlinn's Wolf Briarpack Alpha Darkthicket Wolf Daybreak Ranger Dire Wolves Duskwatch Recruiter Fang of the Pack Ferocious Pup Gatstaf Howler Gatstaf Shepherd Grizzled Outcasts Hermit of the Natterknolls Hinterland Logger Howlgeist Howling Wolf Howlpack Alpha Howlpack of Estwald Kessig Prowler Krallenhorde Howler Krallenhorde Killer Krallenhorde Wantons Lambholt Butcher Lambholt Elder Lambholt Pacifist Lone Wolf Lone Wolf of the Natterknolls Mayor of Avabruck Moonscarred Werewolf Nightfall Predator Nightpack Ambusher Nyxborn Wolf One of the Pack Pack Guardian Quilled Wolf Rot Wolf Sacred Wolf Sage of Ancient Lore Scorned Villager Shrill Howler Silverfur Partisan Silverpelt Werewolf Skalla Wolf Solitary Hunter Somberwald Alpha Spirit of the Hunt Tangleclaw Werewolf Tel-Jilad Wolf Thornhide Wolves Timber Shredder Timber Wolves Timberpack Wolf Tundra Wolves Ulvenwald Captive Ulvenwald Mystics Ulvenwald Primordials Villagers of Estwald Wandering Wolf Watchwolf Werewolf of Ancient Hunger Witchstalker Wolf Pack Wolfbitten Captive Wolfir Avenger Wolfir Silverheart Wyluli Wolf Young Wolf