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All Is Dust Aquitect's Will Bitterblossom Blades of Velis Vel Boggart Birth Rite Boggart Shenanigans Bound in Silence Cloak and Dagger Consuming Bonfire Crib Swap Crush Underfoot Diviner's Wand Ego Erasure Eldrazi Conscription Elvish Promenade Eyeblight's Ending Eyes of the Wisent Faerie Tauntings Faerie Trickery Favor of the Mighty Feudkiller's Verdict Fodder Launch Form of the Mulldrifter Giant's Ire Gilt-Leaf Ambush Hoofprints of the Stag Hunting Triad Knowledge Exploitation Lignify Merrow Commerce Militia's Pride Morsel Theft Nameless Inversion Noggin Whack Not of This World Notorious Throng Obsidian Battle-Axe Peppersmoke Prowess of the Fair Reach of Branches Rebellion of the Flamekin Rootgrapple Sage's Dousing Sarah's Wings Shields of Velis Vel Skittering Invasion Stream of Unconsciousness Summon the School Surge of Thoughtweft Tarfire Thieves' Fortune Thornbite Staff Veteran's Armaments Violet Pall Warren Weirding Wings of Velis Vel