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Angel of Glory's Rise
Angel of Glory's Rise 5WhiteWhite (7)
Creature — Angel (4/6)


When Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, exile all Zombies, then return all Human creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Avacyn Restored (Rare)
Barren Glory
Barren Glory 4WhiteWhite (6)

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control no permanents other than Barren Glory and have no cards in hand, you win the game.

Future Sight (Rare)
Blaze of Glory
Blaze of Glory White (1)

Cast this spell only during combat before blockers are declared.

Target creature defending player controls can block any number of creatures this turn. It blocks each attacking creature this turn if able.

Masters Edition IV (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)
Limited Edition Beta (Rare)
Unlimited Edition (Rare)
Call to Glory
Call to Glory 1White (2)

Untap all creatures you control. Samurai creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Champions of Kamigawa (Common)
Chance for Glory
Chance for Glory 1RedWhite (3)

Creatures you control gain indestructible. Take an extra turn after this one. At the beginning of that turn's end step, you lose the game.

Guilds of Ravnica (Mythic Rare)
Death or Glory
Death or Glory 4White (5)

Separate all creature cards in your graveyard into two piles. Exile the pile of an opponent's choice and return the other to the battlefield.

Invasion (Rare)
Glory 3WhiteWhite (5)
Creature — Incarnation (3/3)


2White: Choose a color. Creatures you control gain protection from the chosen color until end of turn. Activate this ability only if Glory is in your graveyard.

Promo set for Gatherer (Rare)
Other Versions
Judgment (Rare)
Glory of Warfare
Glory of Warfare 2RedWhite (4)

As long as it's your turn, creatures you control get +2/+0.

As long as it's not your turn, creatures you control get +0/+2.

Planechase (Rare)
Other Versions
Alara Reborn (Rare)
Glory Seeker
Glory Seeker 1White (2)
Creature — Human Soldier (2/2)

Welcome Deck 2017 (Common)
Other Versions
Eighth Edition (Common)
Ninth Edition (Common)
Onslaught (Common)
Rise of the Eldrazi (Common)
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (Common)
Glory-Bound Initiate
Glory-Bound Initiate 1White (2)
Creature — Human Warrior (3/1)

You may exert Glory-Bound Initiate as it attacks. When you do, it gets +1/+3 and gains lifelink until end of turn. (An exerted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

Amonkhet (Rare)
Glorybringer 3RedRed (5)
Creature — Dragon (4/4)

Flying, haste

You may exert Glorybringer as it attacks. When you do, it deals 4 damage to target non-Dragon creature an opponent controls. (An exerted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

Amonkhet (Rare)
Gloryscale Viashino
Gloryscale Viashino 1RedGreenWhite (4)
Creature — Viashino Soldier (3/3)

Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, Gloryscale Viashino gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

Alara Reborn (Uncommon)
Goblin Glory Chaser
Goblin Glory Chaser Red (1)
Creature — Goblin Warrior (1/1)

Renown 1 (When this creature deals combat damage to a player, if it isn't renowned, put a +1/+1 counter on it and it becomes renowned.)

As long as Goblin Glory Chaser is renowned, it has menace. (It can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Magic Origins (Uncommon)
Hope and Glory
Hope and Glory 1White (2)

Untap two target creatures. Each of them gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Urza's Legacy (Uncommon)
Hour of Glory
Hour of Glory 3Black (4)

Exile target creature. If that creature was a God, its controller reveals their hand and exiles all cards from it with the same name as that creature.

Hour of Devastation (Rare)
Knight of Glory
Knight of Glory 1White (2)
Creature — Human Knight (2/1)

Protection from black (This creature can't be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, or enchanted by anything black.)

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Magic 2013 (Uncommon)
Martial Glory
Martial Glory RedWhite (2)

Target creature gets +3/+0 until end of turn.

Target creature gets +0/+3 until end of turn.

Guild Kit: Boros (Common)
Other Versions
Gatecrash (Common)
Memorial to Glory
Memorial to Glory (0)

Memorial to Glory enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add White.

3White, Tap, Sacrifice Memorial to Glory: Create two 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.

Dominaria (Uncommon)
Price of Glory
Price of Glory 2Red (3)

Whenever a player taps a land for mana, if it's not that player's turn, destroy that land.

Odyssey (Uncommon)
Pursue Glory
Pursue Glory 3Red (4)

Attacking creatures get +2/+0 until end of turn.

Cycling 2 (2, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Amonkhet (Common)
Tempt with Glory
Tempt with Glory 5White (6)

Tempting offer — Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control. Each opponent may put a +1/+1 counter on each creature they control. For each opponent who does, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

Commander Anthology (Rare)
Other Versions
Commander 2013 Edition (Rare)