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Goblin Outlander
Goblin Outlander BlackRed (2)
Creature — Goblin Scout (2/2)

Protection from white

Conflux (Common)
Intrepid Outlander
Intrepid Outlander 1Green (2)
Creature — Orc Ranger (2/3)


Pack tactics — Whenever Intrepid Outlander attacks, if you attacked with creatures with total power 6 or greater this combat, venture into the dungeon. (Enter the first room or advance to the next room.)

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (Uncommon)
Nacatl Outlander
Nacatl Outlander RedGreen (2)
Creature — Cat Scout (2/2)

Protection from blue

Conflux (Common)
Valeron Outlander
Valeron Outlander GreenWhite (2)
Creature — Human Scout (2/2)

Protection from black

Conflux (Common)
Vedalken Outlander
Vedalken Outlander WhiteBlue (2)
Artifact Creature — Vedalken Scout (2/2)

Protection from red

Conflux (Common)
Zombie Outlander
Zombie Outlander BlueBlack (2)
Creature — Zombie Scout (2/2)

Protection from green

Conflux (Common)

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