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Aetherflux Reservoir
Aetherflux Reservoir 4 (4)

Whenever you cast a spell, you gain 1 life for each spell you've cast this turn.

Pay 50 life: Aetherflux Reservoir deals 50 damage to any target.

Kaladesh (Rare)
Myr Reservoir
Myr Reservoir 3 (3)

Tap: Add ColorlessColorless. Spend this mana only to cast Myr spells or activate abilities of Myr.

3, Tap: Return target Myr card from your graveyard to your hand.

Scars of Mirrodin (Rare)
Reservoir Walker
Reservoir Walker 5 (5)
Artifact Creature — Construct (3/3)

When Reservoir Walker enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life and get EnergyEnergyEnergy (three energy counters).

Aether Revolt (Common)
Servo Exhibition
Servo Exhibition 1White (2)

Create two 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.

Kaladesh (Uncommon)
Servo Schematic
Servo Schematic 2 (2)

When Servo Schematic enters the battlefield or is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, create a 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token.

Aether Revolt (Uncommon)