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Behold the Unspeakable
Behold the Unspeakable 3BlueBlue (5)
Enchantment — Saga

<i>(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter.)</i>

I — Creatures you don't control get -2/-0 until your next turn.

II — If you have one or fewer cards in hand, draw four cards. Otherwise, scry 2, then draw two cards.

III — Exile this Saga, then return it to the battlefield transformed under your control.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Uncommon)
The Unspeakable
The Unspeakable 6BlueBlueBlue (9)
Legendary Creature — Spirit (6/7)

Flying, trample

Whenever The Unspeakable deals combat damage to a player, you may return target Arcane card from your graveyard to your hand.

Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might (Rare)
Other Versions
Champions of Kamigawa (Rare)
Vision of the Unspeakable
Vision of the Unspeakable (0)
Enchantment Creature — Spirit (0/0)

Flying, trample

Vision of the Unspeakable gets +1/+1 for each card in your hand.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Uncommon)
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