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Beacon of Tomorrows
Beacon of Tomorrows 6BlueBlue (8)

Target player takes an extra turn after this one. Shuffle Beacon of Tomorrows into its owner's library.

Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might (Rare)
Other Versions
Fifth Dawn (Rare)
Glimpse of Tomorrow
Glimpse of Tomorrow (0)

Suspend 3—RedRed

Shuffle all permanents you own into your library, then reveal that many cards from the top of your library. Put all non-Aura permanent cards revealed this way onto the battlefield, then do the same for Aura cards, then put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Modern Horizons 2 (Rare)
Promise of Tomorrow
Promise of Tomorrow 2White (3)

Whenever a creature you control dies, exile it.

At the beginning of each end step, if you control no creatures, sacrifice Promise of Tomorrow and return all cards exiled with it to the battlefield under your control.

Commander Legends (Rare)
Pull from Tomorrow
Pull from Tomorrow Variable ColorlessBlueBlue (2)

Draw X cards, then discard a card.

Game Night: Free-For-All (Rare)
Other Versions
Amonkhet (Rare)
Amonkhet Remastered (Rare)
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (Rare)
Double Masters 2022 (Rare)
Search for Tomorrow
Search for Tomorrow 2Green (3)

Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.

Suspend 2—Green <i>(Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay Green and exile it with two time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast it without paying its mana cost.)</i>

Dominaria United Commander (Common)
Other Versions
Time Spiral (Common)
Planechase (Common)
Modern Masters (Common)
Iconic Masters (Common)
Commander Legends (Common)
Time Spiral Remastered (Common)
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (Common)
Seer of the Last Tomorrow
Seer of the Last Tomorrow 2Blue (3)
Creature — Naga Cleric (1/4)

Blue, Tap, Discard a card: Target player mills three cards.

Amonkhet Remastered (Common)
Other Versions
Hour of Devastation (Common)
Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar
Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar 5Blue (6)
Legendary Creature — Spirit (1/5)

If you would draw a card, look at the top three cards of your library instead. Put one of those cards into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

Betrayers of Kamigawa (Rare)
Watcher for Tomorrow
Watcher for Tomorrow 1Blue (2)
Creature — Human Wizard (2/1)

Hideaway 4 <i>(When this creature enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom in a random order.)</i>

Watcher for Tomorrow enters the battlefield tapped.

When Watcher for Tomorrow leaves the battlefield, put the exiled card into its owner's hand.

Modern Horizons (Uncommon)
Witness of Tomorrows
Witness of Tomorrows 4Blue (5)
Enchantment Creature — Sphinx (3/4)


3Blue: Scry 1.

Theros Beyond Death (Common)
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