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Academy Ruins Adarkar Wastes Ancestral Vision Ancient Ziggurat Angelic Wall Anger Annex Arcbound Lancer Arctic Flats Armageddon Arrogant Wurm Ash Barrens Aura Flux Aurora of Emrakul Aven Soulgazer Azorius Chancery Bant Sojourners Barbarian Ring Blight Sickle Bond Beetle Boom // Bust (Boom) Boros Garrison Brittle Effigy Boom // Bust (Bust) Cabal Pit Canal Dredger Castle Vantress Caustic Tar Centaur Garden Cephalid Coliseum Chlorophant City of Ass Clifftop Retreat Cloud Dragon Cloudcrest Lake Confessor Consulate Skygate Coral Atoll Corrupted Zendikon Crown of Empires Cryptolith Fragment Curse of the Cabal Dakmor Salvage Darksteel Citadel Dawn Charm Dawn's Reflection Dawntreader Elk Decree of Annihilation Demolish Dermoplasm Dimir Aqueduct Dominaria's Judgment Dormant Volcano Drownyard Temple Esper Sojourners Eternity Vessel Evolution Charm Evolution Vat Explore Explosive Vegetation Fellwar Stone Flame Jet Fog Forest Fury Charm Gallows at Willow Hill Gaze of Justice Geothermal Crevice Ghitu Encampment Gilded Light Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai Golgari Rot Farm Grasslands Grixis Sojourners Gruul Turf Guardian Zendikon Halcyon Glaze Harmonic Convergence Heap Doll Highland Weald Honden of Infinite Rage Hostile Realm Hum of the Radix Ice Floe Illusion // Reality (Illusion) Insidious Dreams Island Izzet Boilerworks Jund Sojourners Jungle Basin Karplusan Forest Kodama's Reach Lantern Kami Lantern-Lit Graveyard Legacy Weapon Lethal Vapors Life Burst Lightning Serpent Lightning Volley Living Inferno
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