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Abzan Charm Activated Sleeper Archetype of Aggression Avalanche Caller Awaken the Maelstrom Awaken the Sleeper Awe for the Guilds Baffling End Barrier Breach Benthic Infiltrator Besmirch Bioessence Hydra Bloodborn Scoundrels Bothersome Quasit Bouncer's Beatdown Breaking // Entering (Breaking) Briarbridge Tracker Broodbirth Viper Broodlord Burning Prophet Callous Dismissal Cancel Captain Ripley Vance Careless Celebrant Celestial Regulator Cephalopod Sentry Cleansing Wildfire Coerced Confession Crystacean Dark Depths Deal Gone Bad Decree of Pain Defiler of Flesh Desperate Sentry Dire Fleet Warmonger Dirgur Nemesis Domesticated Hydra Eater of Hope Eldrazi Aggressor Emergent Woodwurm Encase in Ice End-Raze Forerunners Breaking // Entering (Entering) Erebos's Intervention Escape Velocity Essence Capture Expedition Skulker Explosive Welcome Felhide Spiritbinder Feral Invocation Festergloom Fiery Justice Flamewright From Beyond Gargos, Vicious Watcher Generator Servant Greater Good Grim Flayer Grunn, the Lonely King Grusilda, Monster Masher Guttersnipe Hardened Scales Harvesttide Assailant Harvesttide Infiltrator Hover Barrier Hunt the Weak Hydradoodle Illusionary Armor Inner Struggle Interdisciplinary Mascot Invasion of Alara Invert // Invent (Invent) Invert // Invent (Invert) Jeskai Charm Kathril, Aspect Warper Kiora's Dambreaker Kiora's Dismissal Krark, the Thumbless Mage Hunter Mantle of Webs Mardu Charm Mark for Death Mawloc Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest Merciless Eternal Misdirection Mistvault Bridge Murasa Rootgrazer Nemesis of Mortals Nivix Barrier Nyxborn Colossus Old One Eye Onakke Ogre Oreskos Sun Guide Ornithopter Overgrowth Elemental Pegasus Courser Petrifying Meddler Phyrexian Ironworks Pick the Brain
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