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Active Volcano Afterlife Air Elemental An-Havva Inn Annul Arcane Laboratory Army of Allah Avalanche Aven Liberator Backdraft Backfire Balduvian Horde Battle Frenzy Blinkmoth Nexus Bog Glider Bog Wreckage Boomerang Bounty Hunter Bulwark Carnival of Souls Carrion Feeder Catapult Squad Chaos Lord Chill Haunting Chromatic Sphere Corpse Dance Countryside Crusher Craven Giant Daru Lancer Dawning Purist Diamond Valley Disenchant Dismantle Drift of the Dead Drooling Ogre Dry Spell Dying Wail Enchantment Alteration Evasive Action Exiled Doomsayer Exploration Feint Fevered Strength Gangrenous Zombies Giant Spider Goblin Bombardment Granulate Gravity Sphere Hamletback Goliath Heat Ray Heavy Ballista Helm of Obedience Hull Breach Hunted Wumpus Imposing Visage In the Eye of Chaos Incinerate Inner-Chamber Guard Intrepid Hero Invulnerability Jihad Junk Golem Kill Switch Land Tax Land's Edge Lava Axe Lavaborn Muse Lightning Coils Lovisa Coldeyes Lowland Tracker Magistrate's Veto Meddle Mindless Automaton Mogg Maniac Mogg Raider Mudslide Nantuko Shade Oasis O-Naginata Otarian Juggernaut Overgrown Estate Phantom Tiger Phyrexian Denouncer Phyrexian Hulk Phyrexian Soulgorger Pit Trap Power Taint Primal Rage Psychic Venom Raging Goblin Recall Remove Enchantments Remove Soul Rivalry Rustmouth Ogre Sai of the Shinobi Sakashima's Student Sandstorm Servant of Volrath Sizzle