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Abyssal Persecutor Advice from the Fae Akroma, Angel of Wrath Alluring Siren Angelheart Vial Ardent Plea Assembly-Worker Augur of Skulls Backlash Beast of Burden Bellowing Fiend Blood Vassal Bloom Tender Bonehoard Champion Lancer Chancellor of the Forge Cone of Flame Consume the Meek Cursed Flesh Curtain of Light Cycle of Life Dakmor Lancer Dance of Shadows Darkslick Drake Doom Blade Faceless Devourer Faith's Fetters Favor of the Overbeing Feast of Worms Feral Lightning Flowstone Slide Footsteps of the Goryo Forest Gigantomancer Gitaxian Probe Goblin Wardriver Gomazoa Greater Mossdog Greel's Caress Grim Monolith Grollub Hand of Emrakul Harmless Assault Haunting Apparition Henge Guardian Igneous Pouncer Island Isochron Scepter Junktroller Kaleidostone Kavu Lair Lay Bare Lord of the Pit Lotus Cobra Master Splicer Master Transmuter Medicine Runner Mine Excavation Mishra's Bauble Mortis Dogs Mystic Melting Nightmare Void Order of Yawgmoth Ostracize Overbeing of Myth Phyrexian Driver Phyrexian Tower Plague Spitter Plains Precursor Golem Primeval Shambler Ragged Veins Rapid Decay Reckless Spite Ridgeline Rager Rubblebelt Raiders Saltskitter Sarkhan the Mad Sea Snidd Selective Memory Shapeshifter's Marrow Shivan Meteor Silverglade Elemental Skirk Shaman Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Smolder Initiate Spellskite Sphinx Sovereign Spiraling Embers Spiteful Bully Sprout Swarm Summoner's Pact Sunspire Gatekeepers Swamp Tainted Sigil Tainted Specter Tek Thelonite Hermit Thought Hemorrhage Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
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