"D. Alexander Gregory" (87)

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Air Elemental Ajani, Caller of the Pride Angel of Salvation Arenson's Aura Aura of Silence Belbe's Armor Bequeathal Bone Mask Calming Licid Chandra, the Firebrand Clay Pigeon Coat of Arms Convalescence Coral Trickster Credit Voucher Crusade Cursed Scroll Cursed Totem Deconstruct Despondency Devouring Strossus Double Dip Dream Cache Elvish Champion Elvish Visionary Empyrial Armor Enchantment Alteration Enfeeblement Entangler Femeref Enchantress Final Fortune Fleet-Footed Monk Forbidden Crypt Garruk, Primal Hunter Gifts Ungiven Goblin Lore Inner Sanctum Jace, Memory Adept Jester's Cap Kalastria Highborn Keeper of the Light Krosan Avenger Land Grant Lifeline Lightning Elemental Lightwielder Paladin Liliana of the Dark Realms Lobotomy Lure Maze of Shadows Mine Bearer Mountain Mystic Veil Nicol Bolas Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Outrider en-Kor Persecute Personal Tutor Pianna, Nomad Captain Predatory Nightstalker Prismatic Wardrobe Rackling Redeem Reviving Dose Scorching Winds Searing Touch Seraph Serene Heart Shaper Guildmage Shimmering Barrier Sky Diamond Spirit Mirror Steal Strength Stern Marshal Stormscape Apprentice Sworn Defender Thunderscape Apprentice Titania's Song Tranquil Domain Unfulfilled Desires Vampiric Feast Venerable Monk Viridian Acolyte Warrior's Honor Well of Knowledge Wicked Reward Willow Dryad
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