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Adherent of Hope Aerial Assault Ætherspouts (Aetherspouts) Akroma's Memorial Alchemist's Refuge Alms Beast Amplifire Angel's Tomb Anowon, the Ruin Sage Arashin Sovereign Arborback Stomper Arcane Signet Aven Augur Aven Sentry Basilica Guards Battlefield Scavenger Belligerent Brontodon Biomantic Mastery Biomass Mutation Black Vise Blightning Blistercoil Weird Bloodletter Quill Bloodshed Fever Bosom Buddy Brace for Impact Burning-Tree Shaman Chained Brute Leave // Chance (Chance) Charmbreaker Devils Cloudblazer Cloudpiercer Coastline Chimera Cogwork Librarian Coma Veil Connive // Concoct (Concoct) Connive // Concoct (Connive) Corrosive Gale Countless Gears Renegade Crashing Footfalls Cytoplast Manipulator Daretti, Scrap Savant Defensive Stance Direct Current Dismal Failure Dream Twist Druid's Deliverance Earthen Arms Edge of the Divinity Electrostatic Field Epic Experiment Ethersworn Adjudicator Evanescent Intellect Eyeblight Assassin Eyekite Fate Foretold Feline Sovereign Fertile Imagination Feudkiller's Verdict Filigree Sages Fire // Ice (Fire) Firemind's Foresight Fists of the Demigod Flourishing Defenses Flow of Ideas Flycatcher Giraffid Force of Savagery Forerunner of the Empire Foul Emissary Foundry Screecher Fountain of Youth Frost Ogre Future Sight Gallows Warden Gather the Townsfolk Geist Snatch Gelectrode Gideon's Reproach Goblin Smuggler Gore-House Chainwalker Grotesque Mutation Growth Spasm Gust-Skimmer Harmonize Harm's Way Helix Pinnacle Hellfire Mongrel Hermit of the Natterknolls Hovermyr Hypersonic Dragon Fire // Ice (Ice) Immortal Coil Increasing Confusion Initiate's Companion Inspiring Call Intet, the Dreamer Janjeet Sentry Jeskai Ascendancy Judge of Currents Karplusan Strider
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