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Adventuring Gear Amphin Cutthroat Ancient Tomb Angel of Finality Angel of Flight Alabaster Anthousa, Setessan Hero Ashcloud Phoenix Aura Finesse Back to Nature Banishing Knack Basilisk Collar Bear Umbra Bojuka Bog Boros Reckoner Cathartic Reunion Centaur's Herald Clip Wings Cloudshift Conclave Naturalists Cream of the Crop Crusade Darklit Gargoyle Death's Shadow Divination Drake Umbra Dream Fracture Dream Salvage Dream Thief Eel Umbra Eland Umbra Enlightened Tutor Enshrouding Mist Enter the Unknown Ethereal Whiskergill Etherwrought Page Filigree Fracture Fog Bank Ghastly Discovery Ghostly Possession Goldenglow Moth Grapple with the Past Harmless Offering Heartwarming Redemption Heroes' Reunion Hydroform Hyena Umbra Idyllic Tutor Lammastide Weave Life's Legacy Make a Wish Makindi Shieldmate Mammoth Umbra Mana Confluence Mana Cylix Mana Leak Marble Chalice Master the Way Memory Erosion Mind Sludge Mirror-Mad Phantasm Mystic Meditation Narcomoeba Naturalize New Blood Nimbus Swimmer Nissa, Steward of Elements Octopus Umbra Oketra's Last Mercy Orchard Spirit Ordeal of Thassa Ornithopter Path of Discovery Peema Aether-Seer Permafrost Trap Personal Sanctuary Plains Reality Shift Renegade Krasis Rings of Brighthearth Sage of Shaila's Claim Saruli Caretaker Scepter of Dominance Seek the Horizon Selesnya Guildgate Sentinels of Glen Elendra Serra Ascendant Sigarda's Aid Sigil Captain Sign in Blood Silverchase Fox Stenchskipper Stoic Builder Strip Mine Taste of Blood Time Reversal Triton Shorethief Trostani's Summoner Valeron Wardens Verdant Eidolon View from Above