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Aggressive Urge Alchemist's Greeting Ancient Brontodon Audacious Infiltrator Aven Initiate Bag of Tricks Baloth Null Belligerent Whiptail Bubble Snare Capture Sphere Cathartic Reunion Circle of Elders Daxos's Torment Debtors' Transport Dissension in the Ranks Felidar Guardian Forbidden Friendship Gideon's Resolve Gird for Battle Gleam of Authority Goblin Trashmaster Golgari Grave-Troll Graveshifter Grotag Bug-Catcher Immovable Rod Impetuous Protege Impulsive Pilferer Inferno Jet Kothophed, Soul Hoarder Leonin Warleader Mire's Malice Mob Rule Ojutai's Summons Orazca Raptor Pir's Whim Pressure Point Proud Mentor Rakshasa Gravecaller Ravenous Daggertooth Reckless Air Strike Regal Behemoth Rumbling Ruin Scaretiller Smite the Monstrous Sure Strike Thieving Otter Thrashing Brontodon Torrential Gearhulk Trusty Companion Valiant Knight Vengeful Devil Veteran Adventurer Vizier of the Anointed Void Weldfast Monitor Wild-Field Scarecrow Wolfwillow Haven

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