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Acorn Catapult Advocate of the Beast Aerie Ouphes Anara, Wolvid Familiar Arahbo, Roar of the World Armored Ascension Assault Griffin Augury Raven Aven Mimeomancer Ayula, Queen Among Bears Ballynock Cohort Baron Von Count Battle Mammoth Beacon Behemoth Beast Within Bitterblossom Blackbloom Bog Blackbloom Rogue Bloodthorn Taunter Boartusk Liege Boggart Arsonists Boggart Loggers Bonded Horncrest Boomstacker Borderland Behemoth Borderland Ranger Botanical Brawler Bull Cerodon Butcher's Glee Catapult Captain Catapult Fodder Changeling Titan Giant Killer (Chop Down) Colossal Dreadmaw Containment Priest Contortionist Troupe Corpse Hauler Cragplate Baloth Cudgel Troll Cylian Sunsinger Daggerback Basilisk Deadeye Brawler Deep Analysis Deepchannel Mentor Demolish Divest Domestication Dream Trawler Dryad's Favor Duskhunter Bat Enthusiastic Study √Čomer, Marshal of Rohan Epic Proportions Esior, Wardwing Familiar Experimental Aviator Exuberant Wolfbear Fairgrounds Trumpeter Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar Fangorn, Tree Shepherd Fblthp, the Lost Fearless Fledgling Fendeep Summoner Flesh Carver Forbidden Orchard Forest Fortunate Few Frenzied Raptor Ghitu Lavarunner Giant Killer Gimme Five Glade Watcher Glamer Spinners Gluttonous Guest Gnoll Hunter Goblin Assailant Goblin Charbelcher Goblin Haberdasher Goblin Heelcutter Goblin Matron Goblin Roughrider Goblin Shortcutter Goblin Tunneler Godtoucher Golden-Tail Disciple Gratuitous Violence Grave Sifter Grotag Thrasher Guardian of Cloverdell Gwaihir, Greatest of the Eagles Gyruda, Doom of Depths Haphazard Bombardment Harbor Bandit Haze Frog Hedron Crab Honor Troll Hour of Need Humongulus Hunter of Eyeblights Impact Resonance Imperial Aerosaur
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