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Æther Web (Aether Web) Ætherflame Wall (Aetherflame Wall) Alter Reality Arcanis the Omnipotent Aurora Eidolon Aven Cloudchaser Azorius Herald Bane of the Living Blade of the Sixth Pride Callous Oppressor Capricious Efreet Centaur Chieftain Centaur Omenreader Chandra's Spitfire Colossal Might Consume Spirit Disfigure Doubtless One Dragonsoul Knight Drifter il-Dal Elves of Deep Shadow Embalmed Brawler Enrage Eternal Dragon Explosive Revelation Gangrenous Goliath Gigantiform Godtracker of Jund Greenweaver Druid Hellkite Overlord Hellspark Elemental Hunted Phantasm Ignite Memories Iname, Death Aspect Iname, Life Aspect Magma Jet Morgue Theft Nantuko Disciple Pardic Lancer Pestilence Demon Plains Plated Slagwurm Plumes of Peace Plunge into Darkness Primordial Sage Rip-Clan Crasher Riptide Biologist Roar of Reclamation Shivan Dragon Skirk Alarmist Slagwurm Armor Slith Ascendant Slith Bloodletter Slith Firewalker Slith Predator Slith Strider Snake Cult Initiation Snarling Undorak Sphinx of Jwar Isle Standardize Surge of Zeal Tel-Jilad Exile Words of War Wurmskin Forger Zektar Shrine Expedition

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