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Aerial Volley Angrath's Fury Anointer Priest Anticipate Authority of the Consuls Aviation Pioneer Biogenic Ooze Blinding Drone Bond of Revival Bonus Round Call the Bloodline Canopy Gorger Capital Punishment Carbonize Collected Company Dead Weight Diviner's Lockbox Duelist's Heritage Engineered Might Garrulous Sycophant Geist of the Archives Giant Mantis Graf Harvest Grip of Phyresis Gurmag Drowner Hammer Dropper Haunted Dead Hero of Goma Fada Hinterland Drake Hydroblast Impact Tremors Ixalli's Keeper Kindred Discovery Manifold Key March from the Tomb Memory Deluge Mercurial Geists Meteor Golem Nahiri's Machinations Oketra's Attendant Pious Interdiction Pyroblast Ral's Dispersal Renegade Map Scroll of the Masters Shielded Aether Thief Silent Observer Somberwald Stag Sprinting Warbrute Stormrider Spirit Sublime Exhalation Suspend Tamiyo's Epiphany The Flame of Keld Vedalken Blademaster Veil of Summer Whirler Virtuoso
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