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Adamaro, First to Desire Albino Troll Alley Grifters Allied Strategies Ancient Silverback Angelic Favor Animist's Might Ardent Militia Ardent Soldier Armadillo Cloak Avizoa Cunning Bandit (Azamuki, Treachery Incarnate) Balloon Peddler Barter in Blood Benalish Lancer Blanchwood Armor Blood Frenzy Blood Rites Bloodbraid Elf Boros Guildmage Call of the Wild Champion's Helm Child of Gaea Cho-Arrim Bruiser Cobalt Golem Consult the Necrosages Conviction Cremate Cunning Bandit Daring Leap Deep Wood Disrupt Elvish Berserker Elvish Champion Empyrial Plate Excruciator Exhaustion Fallowsage Fend Off Fiery Conclusion Fling Flowstone Armor Flowstone Flood Flowstone Mauler Gaea's Embrace Gaze of Adamaro Ghor-Clan Bloodscale Goblin Fire Fiend Godo, Bandit Warlord Grim Lavamancer Gruul Guildmage Hall of the Bandit Lord Hanabi Blast Hematite Golem Hulking Cyclops Hundred-Talon Kami Hunted Horror Incite Hysteria Into the Fray Iwamori of the Open Fist Keldon Arsonist Keldon Berserker Kher Keep Krark-Clan Ogre Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse Lashknife Barrier Leyline of Lightning Lieutenant Kirtar Lightbringer Loam Dweller Lowland Giant Loxodon Stalwart Lunar Avenger Malachite Golem Masticore Megatherium Metathran Soldier Minamo Scrollkeeper Mindwarper Misdirection Mogg Salvage Murmurs from Beyond Mycosynth Golem Mystic Zealot Needlebug Ogre Savant Ogre Shaman Onslaught Opal Titan Pewter Golem Pulse of the Dross Pulse of the Fields Pulse of the Forge Rally the Horde Reckless Ogre Ronin Cavekeeper Rootwater Shaman Sadistic Hypnotist Sanctum Custodian Serene Offering
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