"Raoul Vitale" (69)

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Aerial Responder Aether Vial Ancient Brass Dragon Ancient Bronze Dragon Ancient Silver Dragon Azorius Cluestone Azorius Signet Biblioplex Assistant Boros Cluestone Brushstrider Centaur Peacemaker Charging Badger Conclave Mentor Conifer Wurm Custodian of the Trove Darkmoss Bridge Departed Soulkeeper Devoted Grafkeeper Dimir Cluestone Dimir Signet Dismantling Wave Drossforge Bridge Durable Handicraft Dwarven Hammer Esika's Chariot Faeburrow Elder Faith of the Devoted Flatten Forest Foundry Street Denizen Fury Gnarled Sage Golgari Cluestone Golgari Signet Gruul Cluestone Hieroglyphic Illumination Honeymoon Hearse Hunt the Weak Indatha Crystal Island Izzet Cluestone Izzet Signet Jaspera Sentinel Join the Dance Lifecraft Awakening Mana Geode Mountain Nature's Chant Nature's Claim Nyx Lotus Orchard Strider Ornithopter of Paradise Orzhov Cluestone Owlin Shieldmage Pendant of Prosperity Pendulum of Patterns Plains Rakdos Cluestone Selesnya Cluestone Selesnya Signet Sheltered Aerie Simic Cluestone Sky Crier Swamp Tah-Crop Elite Tasseled Dromedary Vesperlark Wolfrider's Saddle Zagoth Crystal

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