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Acidic Soil Advanced Hoverguard Ancient Hydra Ancient Silverback Aphetto Exterminator Aphetto Runecaster Attrition Awe Strike Balancing Act Balefire Dragon Bargaining Table Bloom Tender Bogardan Hellkite Borderland Marauder Branded Brawlers Burning Cloak Burning Wish Burning-Tree Emissary Cabal Conditioning Cagemail Careful Study Chainflinger Cho-Arrim Alchemist Circle of Despair Coat of Arms Complicate Corpse Augur Corrupt Counterflux Cowardice Culling the Weak Customs Depot Dark Confidant Deal Damage Death of a Thousand Stings Deep-Sea Serpent Despoil Diabolic Servitude Disrupting Shoal Eager Cadet Echo Tracer Elvish Piper Erithizon Escape Artist Exsanguinate Fervent Denial Fiery Gambit Figure of Destiny Fleeting Image Flying Carpet Force of Will Freed from the Real Fungus Elemental Fungusaur Genju of the Realm Giada, Font of Hope Glowrider Goblin Spy Goblin Welder Graceful Adept Gravedigger Guardian Archon Gurzigost Holy Strength Hunting Kavu Hurloon Shaman Imperious Perfect Imposing Sovereign Incinerate Inferno of the Star Mounts Iron Lance Isperia, Supreme Judge Izzet Staticaster Jaya, Fiery Negotiator Jhovall Rider Jolrael, Voice of Zhalfir Kaalia of the Vast Kiora, the Crashing Wave Last Word Liliana, the Last Hope Looming Hoverguard Lumengrid Sentinel Magus of the Wheel Malignant Growth Meloku the Clouded Mirror Minotaur Warrior Mirror Gallery Mishra, Artificer Prodigy Mother of Runes Multani's Presence Nature's Kiss Nature's Resurgence Necrologia Nezumi Ronin Nivix Guildmage Nourish Oversoul of Dusk Pariah Patron of the Moon Phyrexian Scuta
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