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Æther Figment (Aether Figment) Akki Underminer Bad Ass Blightning Blizzard Elemental Blood Funnel Bloodthirsty Ogre Bog Serpent Brackwater Elemental Cavalry Master Churning Eddy Contaminated Bond Corrupting Licid Creakwood Ghoul Cytoplast Root-Kin Dauthi Trapper Death-Mask Duplicant Demonic Dread Devour in Shadow Disciple of Grace Dizzying Gaze Dreg Reaver Dripping Dead Duplicant Dwarven Scorcher Electryte Elvish Pioneer Entangling Vines Face of Fear Festering Goblin Filth Frankie Peanuts Freyalise's Radiance Gloomwidow's Feast Gluttonous Zombie Gnat Miser Golgari Germination Ground Rift Hateflayer Havoc Demon Hidden Spider Hunted Wumpus Identity Crisis Imp's Mischief Juvenile Gloomwidow Kami of the Tended Garden Kinscaer Harpoonist Krark-Clan Grunt Krark-Clan Shaman Last Gasp Lobotomy Maelstrom Wanderer Magus of the Arena Mantle of Leadership Mark of Fury Metamorphic Wurm Necromancer's Covenant Noggle Bridgebreaker Nosy Goblin Old Ghastbark Ouphe Vandals Oversold Cemetery Pit Spawn Plunder Quagnoth Relentless Rats Reliquary Monk Resounding Scream Riptide Survivor Rotlung Reanimator Safeguard Scrabbling Claws Scrying Sheets Scuttling Death Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep Shocker Skull Collector Smokespew Invoker Soilshaper Soulless One Spellshock Spined Basher Spoils of the Vault Swarmyard Swirling Spriggan Synapse Sliver Tainted Æther (Tainted Aether) Telepathic Spies Telethopter Thrashing Mudspawn Time Ebb Tolarian Sentinel Torch Song Torrent of Fire Tsabo's Decree Vampiric Embrace Vampiric Sliver Vesper Ghoul Volcano Imp Wand of the Elements