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Abyssal Horror Acridian Angel of Retribution Arbor Elf Archangel Armored Warhorse Avatar of Discord Avatar of Fury Avatar of Hope Avatar of Might Avatar of Will Avatar of Woe Ayumi, the Last Visitor Batterskull Blazing Salvo Bog Initiate Brooding Saurian Burning Earth Cho-Arrim Legate Concentrate Coral Merfolk Counterspell Covetous Dragon Damping Engine Darkheart Sliver Dawnstrider Death Match Defiling Tears Dogged Hunter Double Cleave Dust Elemental Emissary of Despair Emissary of Hope Encroach Faerie Macabre Faerie Squadron Fatespinner Flame Jab Foul Spirit Fulminator Mage Haunting Hymn High Ground Hollow Specter Ichorid Infectious Host Inquisition of Kozilek Jeska, Warrior Adept Kaervek the Merciless Kami of Restless Shadows Karn, Living Legacy Keeper of the Beasts Knight of Dusk Leshrac's Rite Lightning Angel Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero Lumengrid Augur Mana Cache Merfolk Skyscout Mighty Leap Mind Funeral Mindlock Orb Morphling Mountain Necroplasm Nefashu Nesting Wurm Onyx Goblet Ore Gorger Orochi Sustainer Overseer of the Damned Pardic Arsonist Phyrexian Reclamation Primal Growth Ragamuffyn Ridged Kusite Ruthless Cullblade Sakashima the Impostor Sandbar Merfolk Sanguine Praetor Serra's Liturgy Shaper Parasite Shrieking Specter Silent Assassin Silverglade Pathfinder Simic Sky Swallower Skittering Monstrosity Skulking Knight Sky Swallower Spirit Flare Stormfront Pegasus Supreme Inquisitor Swamp Swat Tajuru Preserver Tamanoa Teferi's Moat Thorn Elemental Thought Vessel Thrull Surgeon Tidehollow Sculler
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