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Æthersnatch (Aethersnatch) Ajani, Mentor of Heroes Alora, Merry Thief Amulet of Safekeeping Animation Module Azra Smokeshaper Backstreet Bruiser Bitter Feud Bloodsoaked Champion Blossoming Bogbeast Boros Locket Burning-Tree Vandal Cackling Culprit Carrion Crow Chained to the Rocks Coalition Skyknight Companion of the Trials Cursed Totem Decoction Module Deploy to the Front Discerning Taste Dreadmalkin Dungeon Map Dutiful Attendant Earth-Cult Elemental Fabled Hero Fabrication Module Faithbearer Paladin Foreboding Statue Forsaken Thresher Frantic Inventory Ganax, Astral Hunter Gang Up Geist of the Moors Giant Spider Goldmire Bridge Haazda Officer Harbinger of the Hunt Herald of Anafenza Hero of Leina Tower Hero's Blade Honed Khopesh Iron Bully Jazal Goldmane Jodah's Codex Kaseto, Orochi Archmage Kayla's Music Box Keepsake Gorgon Keldon Warcaller Kolaghan Aspirant Kraul Foragers Kraum, Ludevic's Opus Leapfrog Leonin of the Lost Pride Leonin Vanguard Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist Mace of the Valiant Martial Impetus Nadaar, Selfless Paladin Never Happened Ondu Greathorn Ore-Scale Guardian Palace Sentinels Panicked Bystander Plummet Power Plant Worker Priest of the Haunted Edge Prying Blade Raiders' Karve Rampaging Hippo Reflections of Littjara Rotten Reunion Rubble Reading Ruthless Knave Sand Strangler Sawtusk Demolisher Sengir Autocrat Sequence Engine Shared Summons Siege-Gang Commander Skittering Heartstopper Skullport Merchant Smuggler's Share Snubhorn Sentry Solitary Camel Sorcerous Spyglass Spinning Wheel Spy Kit Stampede Rider Stratus Walk Sunblade Samurai Sun-Crowned Hunters Swathcutter Giant Thundering Chariot Tithe Taker Together Forever Totally Lost Transmogrifying Wand Trumpeting Gnarr Tuskguard Captain

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